Who are we

In the year 2000 WHITEWATER started working on IT related projects for local small and medium sized companies in Belgium. Today we have grown both in skills, knowledge and clientele, providing services to SMEs but also multinational corporations.

Full Stack Engineering

Back in the early days the information technology world did not have as much technologies, abbreviations and terms as today. Until recently we were not able to put a single stamp on our activities, like “Development” or “IT Management” because we can do everything that is needed. Even within a category like development we are not limited to just one language, we “speak” any language that is required. Since Web 2.0 a new term appeared that fits our vision and approach “Full stack”, which refers to the collection of a series of technologies needed to complete a project.

Instead of limiting ourselves to the common title “Full Stack Developer” we broaden it even more to “Full Stack Engineering” to also empathise that we really take charge of the entire scope. Business analysis to write down your needs and requirements. Translate these needs into technical requirements and find existing solutions that may answer those needs. If needed then we dig deeper into custom building of a solution. Estimating the workload and developing a solution will be the next level.

Discover hidden layers

Take our company logo for instance.
Did you notice the 3 colors hidden inside it?

First you see the actual color              
The next written color is              
And finally the associated color with water is              

The founder of WHITEWATER GCV is originally from the Netherlands